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Demon’s Souls | How to beat the Red Eye Knight

When players first meet a Red Eye Knight in Demon’s Souls, it will be much too powerful to beat. During the initial trip through the Boletarian Palace, players will encounter a Red Eye Knight guarding a bridge that looks innocuous. Well, this is the first “unfair” enemy, which is meant to block off this path from beginning players.

There is a way to kill the Red Eye Knight, even early on in the game. However, if players want to defeat the knight the first time they encounter it, they’ll need a particular build.

How to defeat the Red Eye Knight in Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls How to defeat Red Eye Knight

The obvious answer to how to beat the Red Eye Knight in Demon’s Souls is to level up and return to Boleterian Palace later. However, this is a Souls game, so instead of doing the right thing, we’re going to cheese it.

To beat the Red Eye Knight:

  1. Start the game as the Royalty class.
  2. Play through until reaching the bridge the Red Eye Knight is guarding.
  3. Walk slowly and lock-on to the knight at maximum distance.
  4. Fire a Souls Arrow at the knight and then run away, back through the room leading to the bridge.
  5. Wait around 20 seconds and head back to the bridge and repeat the process.

Players will need to choose the Royalty class because of Soul Arrow’s power and the Fragrant Ring’s ability to recharge MP, which effectively gives unlimited casts. Any other starting class isn’t equipped to take on the Red Eye Knight by the time players first meet it.

It might take a while, but the above tactic will eventually down the Red Eye Knight. It’s crucial to only fire Soul Arrow once per cycle as the Red Eye Knight will guard against it once it aggros, which will cut its damage to almost zero. Players can attempt to keep casting to break its guard, but that’ll give the knight a chance to attack. Keep in mind that the knight can kill the player in one hit at Soul Level 1, and with no bonfires it’ll be a long hike back.

Defeating the Red Eye Knight in Demon’s Souls is a great way to farm souls early in the game. For taking it out, players will get around 2500-3000 souls, which is excellent for the effort.