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Demon’s Souls | How to restore full health

Very early on, Demon’s Souls players will notice that the most common healing items, Crescent Moon Grass, doesn’t restore full health. Healing to full health is a rare luxury in Demon’s Souls, but there are a few ways to do so. Unfortunately, these methods are either unusable when players need them most or unavailable to beginning players early on.

How to restore full health in Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls how to heal full health

Restoring full HP in Demon’s Souls can be done by three different methods. Using an Archstone to travel will heal 100% HP (as these take the place of bonfires in a way), as will using a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes to return to Body Form from Soul Form. Certain grasses will also fully restore health, but these are rare.

Early in the game, Crescent Moon Grass is useful for topping off health. However, as time goes on, even Half Moon Grass, Late Moon Grass, and Full Moon Grass won’t heal players all the way. Each of these items only restores a certain numerical amount of HP instead of a percentage, so they become less useful the more HP a character has.

The two grass types that restore 100% HP in Demon’s Souls, no matter how much a player’s total are:

  • New Moon Grass
    • Restores full health.
    • Dark Moon Grass
  • Restores full health and cures all status effects.

Unfortunately, both of these grasses are rare. However, they can be purchased from Patches, the Hyena, once he takes up residence in The Nexus. He can be found in the Armor Spider Archstone and the Adjudicator Archstone.

However, both grass types are costly, with New Moon Grass priced at 5,000 souls and Dark Moon Grass retailing at 10,000 souls. This makes stocking up on them challenging unless a player is ready for some intense soul farming.

Even though it doesn’t restore full health, Full Moon Grass is much cheaper than New Moon Grass. Even for higher-level players, Full Moon Grass should restore enough health to make a difference in major battles. At 1,000 vs. 5,000 souls, the savings are significant enough to make most players risk partial healing.