Why is my Xbox Series X turning itself off randomly?

The launch of a next-gen console is an exciting time, but that excitement can quickly turn into frustration if the system isn’t working properly. Some users are reporting that their Xbox Series X is turning itself off randomly. Thankfully, there are some fixes for Xbox Series X systems that keep switching themselves off.

Why does the Xbox Series X turn itself off randomly?

xbox series x turning itself off randomly

The Xbox Series X turns itself off randomly to protect itself from overheating or when there is no power. It can also hard crash, even when playing relatively low-powered games like Minecraft.

The majority of reports of the Xbox Series X turning off appear to be related to next-gen games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Next-gen games are more demanding and push the Xbox Series X harder. This demands more power which leads to more heat being produced. If the fan can’t get rid of that heat, the console will get hotter until it overheats.

How to fix the Xbox Series X turning itself off

xbox series x turning itself off randomly

To fix the Xbox Series X turning itself off, users will want to:

  • Ensure the Xbox Series X has enough power.
    • Plug your Xbox Series X directly into the wall outlet. Going through extensions and adaptors can reduce the amount of power made available to the Series X.
  • Give the Xbox Series X plenty of air.
    • Putting the console inside of a TV cabinet may look tidy, but preventing the fan from accessing cool air is likely to lead to problems.
  • Do not put the Xbox Series X on carpet.
    • Those it might be convenient for your setup, a carpet is a surface for a console. Put it on a hard surface like wood.
  • Try rotating the system.
    • If you have the console lying horizontal, try standing it up vertical, and vice versa. Though performance should be the same, you may notice an improvement.

While the Xbox Series X has no doubt been thoroughly tested during the manufacturing process and in quality assurance, rolling the system out to millions of people increases the chance of finding problems. Hopefully Microsoft is now aware of the issues and can now work to roll out a permanent fix.

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