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Immortals Fenyx Rising | How to fast travel

Figuring out how to fast travel in Immortals Fenyx Rising will be one way to zip around the map in a way that would make Hermes himself proud. But it’s not clear right away and takes a little bit of work beforehand. Here’s how to unlock fast travel in Immortals Fenyx Rising and how to do it.

How the Immortals Fenyx Rising fast travel system works

How to fast travel in Immortals Fenyx Rising

To fast travel in Immortals, players have to open up the map and pick one of the fast travel points on the map. Once the player puts the cursor over a fast travel spot, they can hold the appropriate button to warp there. The possible fast travel locations are:

How to fast travel in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Of course, as is the case with most games, players must first have been to those locations to be able to fast travel to them. The Hall of the Gods is the area Hermes takes Fenyx a bit after meeting him. This is the hub area where players can upgrade and such. Given the climb it takes to get up there, fast traveling there is highly recommended, even if it is a short distance away.

The five statues and Tartaros statue are the five places the player need to visit in order to unfog the map. Four of them will be marked on the map, as they help kick off that region’s storyline. However, the Tartaros one is a bit harder to find, as it is not marked and can easily be skipped.

How to fast travel in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Pedestals usually mark important areas players can find during the story. They’re useful for fast travel as players can easily return a quest if the pedestal is right be the quest giver.

How to fast travel in Immortals Fenyx Rising

The vaults are the trickiest ones as they are not marked and it is not clear which ones the player will be able to fast travel to. Only a handful of them will allow the player to fast travel to them and the icon will look like a regular vault, but it won’t be red.

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Big lyres are the giant harps in most of the areas in the game. They’re quite hard to miss and are also a great way to get Coins of Charon, granted that each player puts in the right codes.