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Destiny 2 Abandoned Bunker Location | Find Eventide Ruins bunker for Lost Lament quest

One of the last stops on the Lost Lament quest in Destiny 2 is finding an abandoned bunker. The Blade of Broken Dreams step asks players to find and explore an abandoned bunker in the Eventide Ruins but doesn’t give any other clues on how to complete the objective. Fortunately, this is an easy goal to achieve once one knows the bunker’s location.

The key to finding the abandoned bunker in Destiny 2 is to not think too hard about it. This task requires less effort than finding the dead Exos or the blade pieces. If players have made it this far in the Lost Lament quest, then they may have already run through this bunker before for another step of the quest.

How to find the abandoned bunker location in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Abandoned Bunker Location Map

The Eventide Ruins is a relatively large area, but players don’t need to search far to find the abandoned bunker. To get there, spawn in at the point near Varik’s hideout in the Charon’s Crossing region. Take the left branch of the fork and head up through Cadmus Ridge. Continuing north through the winding tunnel, players will find themselves in Eventide Ruins.

Players need to go to Bunker E15, which is between the two southern paths leading in and out of the region. To find the entrance, players must look for the big building and enter it through a door. Inside, players can find a broken part of the wall, which they can jump through. Within this area, follow the tunnels to find the Bunker E15 Lost Sector.

Once players enter the abandoned bunker, they just need to complete it as they would any Lost Sector. Fight through and claim the cache at the end to complete the Blade of Broken Dreams step of the Lost Lament quest. After claiming the cache, a new quest step will appear that requires players to return to the entrance of Bunker E15. Interact with the flag there to start the next task needed to reforge the Lament blade.