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Fortnite Maeve | Who is the shapeshifter that can turn into a Harpy?

In one of the new Fortnite Season 5 teasers, an audio log refers to a Maeve who is a Wildheart. In the log, the man dictating it references that Maeve can change into a Harpy, which is a mythical creature. Fortnite has had some wild features throughout its many updates, but is it going actually to let characters shapeshift now?

Below, we’ll discuss who Maeve might be in Fortnite. We’ll also go into detail on what a Wildheart and a Harpy are.

Who is Maeve in Fortnite?

Up to this point, there’s been no mention of a Maeve in Fortnite. The only connection we’ve found in our research is that Epic Games removed the scrapped Gemini Skin because it was too close in style to the character Maeve from Paladins.

It’s possible that Maeve may be a new character introduced as a part of the Fortnite Season 5 narrative. Alternatively, the name itself may be a clue to what the season may be about.

What is a Wildheart in Fortnite?

According to the audio log teaser, a Wildheart is a name for some sort of shapeshifter:

“The locals around here call her a Wildheart. That’s shapeshifter to you and me.”

Unfortunately, we’re only given a clue that the man recording the log is in a jungle. Other than that, we don’t have any context. We’re not sure what natives to which the man is referring. It’s also not clear as to whether Maeve is actually a shapeshifter or if this is some sort of honorary title bestowed on her by the natives.

What is a Harpy in Fortnite?

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The teaser audio log refers to two of Maeve’s supposed three forms like this:

“Rumor has it the gods have granted her three forms: shark, harpy…. and, uh, well actually, no one has lived long enough to see the third one.”

A shark is easy enough to understand, but many players probably aren’t familiar with a harpy. A harpy is a creature from Greek and Roman mythology that is half-human and half-bird. So, again, the natives may be referring to Maeve being extremely agile and athletic, or it could mean she’s actually a shapeshifter.