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Pokemon Go Confetti | Why is it falling on screen?

Pokemon Go confetti is normally reserved for special events. During Pokemon Go Fest 2020, it was possible to collect the Confetti item and use it to level creatures up. As there is no festival on, why is confetti falling in Pokemon Go? Here’s the need-to-know information.

Why is confetti falling in Pokemon Go?

Why is confetti falling in Pokemon Go

Confetti is falling in Pokemon Go to celebrate the start of the Season of Celebration. It’s also giving a cheer for the introduction of Generation 6 Pokemon, which can now be found and captured in-game.

The current Pokemon Go app icon features confetti, so clearly developer Niantic wants players to feel like this holiday season will be a cause for celebration.

It’s not yet clear if Niantic plans to bring back Confetti as a consumable item. It’s possible that players will be able to use it again during Pokemon Go Fest events, but unlikely that it will be added to the normal game.

Some players have reported performance issues with confetti falling down on their iOS and Android devices. As awesome as the visual effect looks, the ability to turn confetti off in the game’s settings would be a welcome addition for those running older devices.

Ultimately, confetti is just a small part of the developer celebrating the game. It’s been over four years since the game released and it’s still receiving updates and attracting new players each day.

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