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Destiny 2 Augmented Obsession Triumph Guide | How to complete Augment Triumphs on Europa

Players are trying to figure out how to get the Augmented Obsession triumph in Destiny 2, but no one has been able to do it yet. Like many aspects of Destiny 2, this triumph will take a while to nab because it’s time-gated. Unfortunately, players can only put a bit of work in each week toward it. However, it’s actually easier than finding the Dead Exos since there at least some indicator of where players must go.

We’ll run through how we think the Augmented Obsession triumph is earned in Destiny 2 below. Be aware that due to how players must achieve it, we can’t confirm this method works with 100% accuracy just yet.

How to get the Augmented Obsession triumph in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Augmented Obsession Triumph List

  1. Buy the Braytech Transponder and use it.
  2. Go to the current Eclipsed Zone.
  3. Defeat the Techno Squad Leader.
  4. Interact with the hologram it drops to get the scanner buff.
  5. Shoot down the three drone groups in the region
  6. Interact with the panel that requires a scanner augmentation

Those that have used the Braytech Transponder in Destiny 2 have likely already figured out the steps required to work toward the Augmented Obsession triumph. For those who haven’t, Variks begins carrying the item after players complete the Beyond Light campaign for the price of 50 Herealways Pieces.

When players use the Braytech Transponder from their inventory, a House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader will spawn in whatever region is currently marked as an Eclipsed Zone. Once this enemy is defeated, it drops a yellow hologram that can be interacted with to gain the “Scanner (region name) Sectors x3” buff. As of writing, this is the Cadmus Ridge region, but it changes each week. It’s important for players not to fast travel once they’ve gained the buff, or they’ll lose it.

Destiny 2 Scanner DronesOnce the player has the scanner buff, they’ll need to locate three groups of drones in the Eclipsed Zone. There are sets of these in each region, and most players will have noticed them during the campaign without realizing their purpose. Guardians must destroy these drones in a specific order. Failure to do so will result in the player losing the buff and having to purchase another transponder and start the whole process over.

Figuring out which order to shoot the drones isn’t too tricky. Just find the gold one and destroy it. After it’s down, another will turn gold. Repeat the process until all three groups in the region are destroyed.

After the drones are down, players must find a panel nearby that has a prompt that says, “Scanner Augmentation Required.” Interact with it, and one part of the process for getting the Augmented Obsession triumph will be complete.

Unfortunately, there are eight different regions in which players must complete this process. The Eclipsed Zone location only changes once a week, so it’ll take a minimum of eight weeks to complete the Augmented Obsession triumph.