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Destiny 2 Braytech Transponder | How to activate the Sector Augmentation required panels

A new item has been added to Destiny 2 called the Braytech Transponder in the wake of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Using this item starts a small quest chain that allows players to grab some guaranteed gear. However, after using the Braytech Transponder, players must shoot down scanner drones in a specific order and use the panels requiring the Scanner Augmentation buff, or they’ll miss out on the gear.

Below, we explain what the Braytech Transponder item does in Destiny 2. We’ll also walk players through the quest and explain how to use the Scanner Augmentation buff. This quest isn’t quite as confusing as finding the dead exos or the abandoned bunker, but it’s close.

How to use the Braytech Transponder and Scanner Augmentation panels in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 BrayTech Transponder scanner buff

Before players can purchase the Braytech Transponder, they’ll need to complete the Beyond Light campaign. After that, the item can be purchased once a week from Variks for 50 Herealways Pieces. The item description gives a brief rundown of what the transponder does:

“While activated, this transponder attracts House Salvation techno squads hunting for Golden Age tech in the Europa Eclipsed Zone.”

Upon using the Braytech Transponder in Destiny 2, a House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader will spawn in the Eclipse Zone, which is the first objective in this unmarked quest.

When players kill the House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader, it’ll drop a yellow hologram. When approaching the hologram, players will see a prompt that says, “Active BrayTech transponder required.” Interacting with it will give the buff “Scanner ([name] Sectors) x3.” The buff may indicate three different sectors, which we’ll go into more detail about below. Also, note that multiple characters can activate this buff by interacting with the hologram. Hence, if players are in a fireteam, make sure each member grabs it.

So far, two different scanner buffs have appeared. One is for the Riis-Reborn Approach, and the other is for the Vex Sectors. There is a trick to destroying the drones found in these locations. Firstly, DON’T FAST TRAVEL. Fast traveling will cause players to lose the scanner buff. Secondly, when players find the drones, they’ll need to destroy them in order. Shoot the gold one first; then another will turn gold, then shoot that one, etc.

After defeating each group of drones, players must find and activate a panel nearby. These are the screens that say “Scanner Augmentation Required” and can only be activated by players who have picked up the buff.

Riis-Reborn Sectors Drone Locations

Drone Location #1 and #2:

Players can find these drones on either end of the bridge connecting two buildings. Destroy the drones on one end, then head to the other and blow those up.

Drone Location #3:

Head past the area where the first two drone groups are found and follow the corridors. Eventually, players will find an elevator to ride up. Players can find the third group of drones in this room flitting about.

Vex Sector Drone Locations

Drone Location #1:

Head through Asterion Abyss to reach the Nexus, then go toward the Well of Infinitude. Just before players enter the Well of Infinitude, there’ll be a group of drones.

Drone Location #2 and #3:

Just like with the Riis-Reborn Sectors, these two groups of drones are located in the same area. Inside the Well of Infinitude, there’s a big area that is usually blocked by a Vex shield. Inside, there’s one group of drones. Take them out and head to the next room to find the third group.

Each completed set of three panels will give players a Rare Engram. This activity can be done three times each week, and completing all three grants a Legendary Engram.