‘Your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly’ error fix and damage

Seeing the “Your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly” error message can be terrifying. For those that keep their PlayStation 5 in Rest Mode, it can be fairly common to see the “Repairing console storage” message followed by “Your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly.” So can losing power in Rest Mode damage in the PS5? And how do you go about fixing here? Here’s the need-to-know information.

How to fix ‘Your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly error’

Your PS5 wasn't turned off properly error fix

To fix the “Your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly” error, players will need to select the “OK” option. The system will then start up normally again.

To avoid seeing the “Your PS5 wasn’t turned off properly” error message again, users will want to make sure they turn off their system by selecting “Power” and then “Turn off PS5.”

Users who suffer from regular power cuts may want to avoid using Rest Mode, as that requires constant power.

Turning the PS5 off at the outlet while it is in Rest Mode will also cause the error message to appear. It also pops up if the power connector is yanked out of the back of the system.

Can I damage my PS5 by turning off power in Rest Mode?

Your PS5 wasn't turned off properly error fix

Cutting power when the PS5 is in Rest Mode can result in data loss, corruption, or damage.

Therefore, it’s recommended that Rest Mode only be used when constant power can be guaranteed. Those with any concerns can simply turn off the PS5 normally.

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