Are Apple AirPods Max headphones worth it?

The Apple AirPods Max headphones have been announced with a $549 price tag. That is a steep price, even for noise-canceling headphones. Compared to the marketing leaders from Sony and Bose, Apple is really raising the cost to consumers. For Apple fans, the new Airpods for 2020 are no doubt tempting. Here’s whether or not the Apple AirPods Max headphones are worth the money.

Should I buy AirPods Max headphones?

AirPods Max

Yes, Apple AirPods Max headphones will be worth the money to big Apple fans and those looking for another noise-canceling headphone solution.

The AirPods Max feature a “custom acoustic design” with drivers that provide “rich, deep bass, accurate mid-ranges, and crisp, clean high-frequency extensive so every note can be heard.”

Unlike other AirPods, the Apple AirPods Max will be available in a range of colors. These include silver, space gray, sky blue, green, and pink.

For those already immersed in the Apple ecosystem, who aren’t happy with the in-ear offerings of the standard and Pro models, the AirPods Max may be the version they have been waiting for.

Will the Apple AirPods Max go down in price?

It’s rare to see a significant discount on AirPods, but it can happen, especially during holiday sales. With that said, considering how new the AirPods Max are, it’s unlikely to see them drop in price anytime soon.

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