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Immortals Fenyx Rising | How to unlock Odysseus Prison chest

There are plenty of secrets to uncover in Immortals Fenyx Rising. In many cases, obscured paths and various vaults will lead you to hidden treasure. Such is the case with the Odysseus’s Prison vault, which contains a chest locked behind an archery puzzle. Here’s how to unlock the Odysseus Prison chest and claim the loot inside.

How to unlock Odysseus’s Prison chest

How to unlock Odysseus's Prison chest

The Odysseus’s Prison vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising is located just southeast of the Gates of Tartaros. Inside you’ll find a barred gate with three crystals that must be lit in order to complete the puzzle. The chest will open if you hit three targets beyond the gate with arrows.

For most players, the trouble in unlocking the chest in Odysseus’s Prison will be finding the third target. The first one is easy to spot: It’s dead-center beyond the barred gate. Fire an arrow straight ahead and strike the target to light the leftmost crystal.

The second target is far beyond the gate, still dead center, but past the moving platforms. You simply need to maneuver your arrow through the obstacles and hit it to light the middle crystal.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Odysseus's Prison third target location

The third target is very easy to miss. It’s near to the end of the area with the moving platforms, toward the upper right-hand side. It’s sitting behind a wooden box, so you may not see it at first glance.

To hit the third target, you need to fire your arrow through the flame that appears after striking the second target. From there, direct the arrow up and to the right to ignite the box. It may take a few tries for the box to be destroyed. Once it’s gone, fire another arrow and hit the target.

After hitting all three targets, the Odysseus’s Prison chest will be unlocked. Open it and you’ll be rewarded with the Brood of Typhon Helmet, which provides a 12 percent critical hit chance at base. Be sure to check out our guide to arena vault locations to earn even more loot in Immortals Fenyx Rising.