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Rust How to get cloth | How to find and farm cloth

New Rust players will want to get cloth early on. Cloth is one of the basic building blocks in the game and is used to create many low-level items (including ones that can cover a player’s nudity). Finding a steady source of cloth in Rust is essential throughout the game, even once players get to higher-tech tiers.

How to find cloth in Rust

Rust How to Find Cloth

Cloth can be harvested in Rust in a few different ways. However, starting out, characters are going to have to rely on foraging from flora to get the material. Two different plants give players cloth when harvested:

  • Cactus
  • Hemp

These plants don’t grow side-by-side. Instead, players in the desert biome will need to look for Cactus, while the forrested biome contains Hemp. Both of them will give the player around 5-10 cloth depending on the age and size of the plant harvested.

Cloth can also be harvest from animals and even humans. The most effective way to do this early on is to use a stone hatchet to kill the creature. Then, use bone received from killing the animal to craft a Bone Knife and use it to carve cloth from the corpse.

How to farm cloth in Rust

When harvesting Hemp in Rust, players will receive Hemp Seeds. These seeds can be planted to grow new Hemp plants, but there’s some risk involved. If these seeds are planted outside, any player can run up and ruin a Hemp farm by harvesting the whole thing. This makes cloth farming impractical until the player has gathered the material and learned enough tech to make a shelter.

Once a player has made a shelter, they can start their cloth farm using planters. Sowing Hemp Seeds in planters and giving the plants water and the proper amount of light will give players a better yield of cloth than wild Hemp plants. At this point, players can even start getting into Rust‘s advanced botany system by using cuttings to clone the Hemp plants that yield the most cloth.