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How to disable and censor nudity in Rust

PC survival game Rust is enjoying a resurgence, thanks in part to OTV playing it on Twitch. With new users being drawn to the game as a result, parents and guardians are looking to learn how to disable nudity in Rust. Thankfully, it is possible to censor naked characters in the game. Here’s how to pixelate and hide all in-game genitals.

How do you censor nudity in Rust?

How to censor nudity in Rust

Nudity is one of the very first things that players encounter in Rust. Users must create their own character and, be they male or female, the custom creation can be observed totally naked. Anybody that doesn’t want to see nudity should make censoring nakedness the top priority after launching Rust for the first time.

To censor nudity in Rust, players must press the F2 key in-game to bring up the settings overlay. Scroll down and locate the “Censor Nudity” option, which must then be toggled on.

How to disable nudity in Rust on PC

  1. Launch Rust.
  2. Press the F2 key in-game to access the settings overlay.
  3. Scroll down and locate the “Censor Nudity” setting.
  4. Turn the setting on in order to censor naked characters.

How do you enable nudity in Rust?

How to enable nudity in Rust

Players don’t need to take any action to enable nudity in Rust. Uncensored naked characters are viewable by default when playing the survival game on PC.

Here’s how to re-enable nudity in Rust:

How to play Rust with uncensored nudity

  1. Boot up the game.
  2. Press F2 to access the settings overlay.
  3. Find the “Censor Nudity” option.
  4. Set the option to off in order to enable naked characters.

Rust has a handy mobile companion app that should be useful to new players — check out how to download it on iOS and Android. The popular survival title is also coming to consoles, but will there be an early access Xbox Game Preview version?