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Is there a Rust PS5 and Xbox Series X|S release date?

Survival game Rust has exploded in popularity, thanks in large part to the OTV Twitch server. With PC gamers already able to get in on the action, console players are wondering when it might be their turn. So, are Rust PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ports coming out? Here’s the latest on a console version release date.

Is Rust coming to PS5?

Rust PS5

Rust has been chugging along nicely for several years now, but recently, in a similar fashion to Among Us, the game blew up thanks to receiving mainstream exposure on Twitch. Now that more people know about Rust and want to play it than ever before, demand for a PlayStation version is incredibly high.

Rust is currently in development for consoles. Double Eleven is responsible for porting the game and hopes to share more details in 2021. Target platforms and the release date are unknown, but a PS5 launch does seem likely. This year will see more and more people transition to the next-generation console as PlayStation 5 hardware becomes increasingly available.

PS4 version was due to launch last year, though, evidently, it did not. Double Eleven is “sorry” that Rust didn’t hit consoles in 2020 as planned, but the delay could potentially indicate a development shift towards Sony’s next-gen machine.

Is Rust coming to Xbox Series X|S?

Rust Xbox Series X S

Double Eleven is currently developing a Rust console port. Whether or not the Rust console version is in development for Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series X|S systems is unknown at the time of writing. With no release date announced yet there should be plenty of remaining development time, so Xbox Series X|S versions are likely.

In the meantime, anyone looking to make do and play Rust on an old computer should check out how to fix several technical issues. Beginners will also want to know how to farm cloth and stone for crafting.