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Escape From Tarkov | What should I spend Roubles on?

One of the first things that new Escape From Tarkov players will be asking themselves is “What should I spend Roubles on?” Due to pre-order bonuses, Twitch Drops, and other factors, it’s possible for newcomers to start the game with a significant amount of Roubles. However, it’s easy for those Roubles to be wasted. Thankfully, GameRevolution is here with a guide on best items and upgrades to spend Roubles on when first starting the game.

What are Roubles in Escape From Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov Roubles

Roubles are a type of currency in Escape From Tarkov. They can be found across all missions and can be used to purchase items from traders.

Roubles are one of three currencies, with Dollars and Euros also available in-game.

What should I spend Roubles on in Escape From Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov Roubles

Players will want to spend EFT Roubles on the following items:

  • Lucky Scav Junkbox
    • “Storage case for different items and goods that you need for barter (besides consumables, keys, intel, and so on).”
    • This container allows for 196 additional inventory slots, while only taking up 16 slots in the player inventory. It’s great for stashing a vast number of items in the early game.
    • New players will want to save up and buy this item from the Therapist. However, it can also be crafted.
  • Items Case
    • “Storage case for different items and goods.”
    • This container provides 64 slots of additional inventory. It takes up 16 slots in the player inventory.
    • New players can buy this from the Therapist. Items cases are great for newcomers who have limited inventory space, especially for those with the Standard Edition of the game.
  • Keys
    • Purchasing keys will allow access to different routes and exits, as well as rooms with better gear.

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