How to unlock Snapchat account faster in 2021

Users can be locked out of Snapchat, which is never a good thing. The social media app can, unfortunately, be trigger-happy when it comes to handing out temporary and permanent bans on iOS and Android. Whether it’s a temp lock or a permaban, users want to know how to unlock Snapchat. Here’s the lowdown on accessing a locked account fast.

How do you unlock Snapchat fast?

how to unlock Snapchat account faster

Users likely wouldn’t have any issue if locks (bans) were fair and transparent on Snapchat. Instead, however, they can be mysterious and seemingly undeserved. That leaves many people desperate to access their accounts, having done nothing wrong to their knowledge. So, is there a way to unlock a Snapchat account faster in 2021?

How to unlock a temporary lock on Snapchat more quickly

  1. Visit the Snapchat unlock page.
  2. Login to the temporarily locked account.
    • Note: Completing a CAPTCHA may be required.
  3. Tap the “UNLOCK” button.

For some users, completing the above steps will immediately unlock their account. Others may need to wait a while and try again before unlocking and regaining access to their Snapchat account.

Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to gain immediate access to a locked Snapchat profile. The only way to speed up the process is to keep following the above process every few hours until eventually successful. If it still doesn’t work after three days (72 hours), then the account may be locked permanently.

Can you unlock a permanent lock on Snapchat?

Permanently locked users can contact Snapchat Support if they believe that their account received a ban in error. If the permaban isn’t overturned by Snapchat Support, the only way to regain access to the app is by creating a new profile.

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