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Fortnite Michael Jackson Skin | Can you play as the King of Pop?

Fortnite already has a ton of celebrity crossovers under its belt, but bringing the King of Pop to the game could be the biggest yet. Images of a Fortnite Michael Jackson skin are circulating online, leading many to believe that MJ is playable in Epic Games’ battle royale title. Are the rumors true, though? Here’s the latest on the former Jackson 5 member making his debut.

 Is Michael Jackson in Fortnite?

Fortnite Michael Jackson Skin

Michael Jackson’s music is pretty timeless, transcending generations and finding listeners of all ages. It’s no wonder that the Fortnite fanbase wants to play as the King of Pop, then. With many possible skins and unique weapons, MJ could quickly become one of the most iconic outfits in Fortnite.

A fan-made trailer is responsible for starting the Michael Jackson Fortnite rumor. The concept video features several impressive MJ character models that convinced some viewers they were official. In reality, Epic Games has no link to the images and the King of Pop is not playable in Fortnite.

It is possible that the developers could add an official MJ Fortnite skin in the future, but, unfortunately, there isn’t one as of 2021.

João Filipe Santiago posted the video to YouTube several months ago, though it recently began to gain traction amongst the Fortnite community. It’s viewable below and is the source of this article’s images.

As cool as the concept is, it’s another reminder to the Fortnite community that things aren’t always as they seem. The Fortnite Support Twitter account recently had to remind players that buying accounts is first and foremost against the rules, but also a good way to get scammed.

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