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Fortnite Accounts For Sale 2021 | Is it safe to buy or get a free account?

Building up a respectable collection of cosmetics in Fortnite takes a lot of time, dedication, and money. It’s understandable, then, that some players want to take a shortcut to the top by purchasing other users’ accounts. While there are plenty of Fortnite accounts for sale online, is it safe to buy them? Here’s the lowdown on buying and/or getting free accounts in 2021.

Fortnite Accounts For Sale 2021 | Is it illegal to buy an account online?

Fortnite accounts for sale

Although building up a personal account is rewarding, it can also be exhausting. Not to mention the fact it’s impossible for new players to unlock all Fortnite cosmetics due to the limited nature of some skins and items. With that in mind, is buying a Fortnite account to skip the grind a good idea?

Buying (and selling) a Fortnite account violates the Terms of Service. Epic Games takes action to track and disable sold accounts, which inevitably makes any and all expenditure a waste of money. Additionally, many account sellers are running scams. Customers routinely don’t receive the in-game items advertised or even any account details at all.

Users that violate the Fortnite Terms of Service by buying and selling accounts are in breach of contract. This is not illegal, or a crime, but it is a fully bannable offence.

Are free Fortnite account giveaways safe?

Fortnite account giveaways are not safe. The lack of a transaction can circumvent the Fortnite Terms of Service breach associated with buying and selling, but many of these contests are scams. Entrants commonly need to provide personal details in order to be considered, which may then be sold or used illegally. In many cases, the free Fortnite accounts said to be up for grabs won’t even exist.

Epic Games recently introduced the Fortnite Crew subscription service to its popular battle royale title. It provides good value for money and is an official, legitimate way to quickly boost new Fortnite accounts. Just be mindful of an issue when trying to subscribe from a Samsung device.

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