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Destiny 2 | Quest inventory full error fix

The new Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2 includes several additional story missions. However, some players are finding that they can’t start quests due to the quest inventory full error. This seems to happen a lot around the Last Call mission specifically. If you’re running into the quest inventory full bug, here’s how to fix it.

How to fix the Destiny 2 quest inventory full error

How to fix the Destiny 2 quest inventory full error

The quest inventory full error is one of the more common bugs following the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion. When trying to begin a new mission, the game will say that quest inventory is full, even when it isn’t. This error can be fixed by pulling the quest from the archive terminal in the Tower.

It’s not entirely clear what has been causing this bug. Some players will get the error message when their quest inventory is actually full, which is not so much of a problem. The frustration appears when players attempt to begin Forsaken quests only to discover that they cannot.

Fortunately, there’s a very simple solution offered by users across social media such as the Destiny 2 subreddit. All you need to do is head back to the Tower, then find the quest archive terminal. It’ll be near the Postmaster. Once you locate it, use it to browse Forsaken quests. You may need to search through the Past section in order to find the one you need.

This is an odd bug, and it seems to be affecting a large amount of Destiny 2 players. Thankfully, enough users have filed reports that it seems to be on the radar of the developers at Bungie. Hopefully they’ll be able to issue a patch for it soon. Until then, this workaround should suffice.

Find your mission at the archive terminal in the Tower, and you’ll no longer receive the quest inventory full error. After that, you can continue making your way through the Forsaken expansion. For more helpful hints and tips, be sure to check out our selection of Destiny 2 guides.