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Black Ops Cold War | Can all teammates see my pings?

The ability to ping and mark teammates is a mechanic that is relatively new to Call of Duty games. Initially implemented in the Modern Warfare game alongside the Warzone battle royale, pinging has now been added to Treyarch Studios’ latest CoD release, Black Ops Cold War. But does it work properly? Can all teammates see pings or is it broken? Here’s the need-to-know info for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Can all teammates see my pings in Black Ops Cold War?

black ops cold war can teammates see pings

Yes, all teammates can see friendly pings in Black Ops Cold War.

When working as intended, all pings made by a friendly player can be seen by teammates/the squad. However, in GameRevolution’s testing, it appears that there’s a slight cooldown on follow-up pings appearing, which prevents trolling players from spamming the function.

After checking with players in multiple different (PC) lobbies, GameRevolution has been told that players can see GR’s pings in-game, alongside a location message in the chat feed.

It might appear that teammates aren’t seeing pings, as they don’t often act on the helpful intel being provided, but the markers should be appearing for them. Sometimes players just ignore help, which can be very annoying in objective game modes like Search and Destroy.

Keep pinging to help teammates locate the enemy and play the objective, even without a microphone. Every little helps to secure that win!

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