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Is the Pokemon Go walking hack safe in 2021?

Many players are struggling to play Pokemon Go properly in 2021. The intended experience just isn’t possible due to worldwide lockdowns and restrictions, but does that make GPS spoofing okay? Here’s the need-to-know on how safe the Pokemon Go walking hack is for iOS and Android users, as well as info on whether hackers can get banned from the game.

Is it safe to do the Pokemon Go walking hack? (2021)

Pokemon Go walking hack

The Pokemon Go walking hack involves users tricking the mobile app into thinking that they’re somewhere different. By GPS spoofing in 2021, it’s possible for the game to think players have walked long distances in a very short amount of time. In reality, however, the player might not have moved at all. But, is cheating to gain steps and distance travelled possible to do safely?

Doing the Pokemon Go walking hack is not safe in 2021. It’s easy for the game developers to identify players that have performed the glitch, then ban them. Banned users lose all access to their account, so it isn’t worth the risk.

Some Pokemon Go walking bug providers claim to be undetectable, but that isn’t necessarily true. Players that want their account to stay in good standing should not use third-party applications to spoof the game. Even if the dishonest activity ultimately goes unnoticed, it isn’t worth the initial risk of losing everything for dedicated players.

As with life in general, honesty is the best policy when it comes to walking in Pokemon Go. Although not to be able to get out and about during the pandemic might be frustrating, don’t be tempted to cheat in 2021.

Players are better off focusing their efforts on catching shiny Pokemon instead. These rare specimens are in high demand — Bidoof and Loudred, especially.

If aesthetics and rarity aren’t of any concern, maybe seeking out the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go will be of interest.