Should I wait for the Nintendo Switch Pro?

The long-awaited, though not yet officially announced, Nintendo Switch Pro gets better with every new rumor. The prospect of a “Nintendo Switch 2.0” with more powerful components, a better screen, better battery life, and other high-powered features will excite any Ninty fan. However, with a potential new console on the horizon, those wondering whether to buy a current Switch are likely asking themselves: “Should I wait for the Nintendo Switch Pro?” Here’s the GameRevoluton answer.

Is the Nintendo Switch Pro worth waiting for?

Should I wait for the Nintendo Switch Pro

The Nintendo Switch Pro is worth waiting for if a potentially better screen, better processor, and better battery life are considered must-have features.

For those who can settle for current specs and enjoy the features already available on the existing Nintendo Switch, then finding a good deal and making the purchase is the best bet.

In the world of technology, it never seems like a good time to buy a product, so people really just have to take the plunge. With the Nintendo Switch Pro not even confirmed yet, it could be a long wait until a new Nintendo console is released.

With a number of well-reviewed games already available on the Nintendo Switch, those eager to play current exclusives shouldn’t worry too much about future iterations. Breath of the Wild still blows players away in both console and portable modes.

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