Xbox Media Remote controlling multiple consoles fix

A lot of people use their Xbox as an entertainment media center, as well as a games console. As a result, Microsoft’s official Xbox Media Remote is a popular accessory for both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Unfortunately, however, the biggest fans have the worst user experience. There’s a troublesome issue with the Xbox Media Remote controlling multiple consoles at the same time. Households with more than one Xbox find this frustrating, naturally, but is there a solution? Here’s the latest on a fix.

How do you fix Xbox Media Remote turning on several consoles?

Xbox Media Remote controlling multiple consoles

Considering that one of the main selling points for next-gen Xbox Series X|S hardware is the added speed and ease of access, this Xbox Media Remote bug is especially annoying. Instead of being faster, it adds another barrier to consuming entertainment. Now, affected users have to get up and power down the Xbox One all the time. Well, that or simply leave it running, which isn’t great for the wallet or the environment!

Microsoft is aware of the Xbox Media Remote glitch that sees it powering and controlling numerous consoles at once. Users will need to wait for the Xbox manufacturer to develop and release a fix in a future system update. Until then, there is no way to prevent all consoles within range of the remote signal from reacting to its commands.

Of course, it is possible to unplug one of the systems and only connect it to power when specifically in use. Failing that, the Xbox consoles can be put in different locations. If the distance is great enough, the Xbox Media Remote signal will not reach both systems and thus only control one at a time.

Another solution is simply to use a standard Xbox controller instead. It isn’t ideal after spending money on the dedicated Media Remote, but there are at least some cool custom options that might help to take off the edge. There’s also the premium Xbox Elite Controllers, which could soon be set to get a new iteration.

On another note, longtime fans might be interested to know that original Xbox emulation is finally getting good.