How to fix iOS battery drain (2021)

When users first get their new iPhone, the device’s battery life seems great. It lasts all day and then some. However, as time goes by and new updates roll out, the battery life of an iPhone can suddenly seem to drain super fast all of a sudden. Here’s why this might be happening and how to fix the iOS battery drain issue in 2021.

iPhone iOS battery drain fix

How to fix iOS battery drain

  • Ensure the latest update is installed.
    • Previous iOS updates have caused the battery to drain faster. By installing the latest update, users can ensure they have the latest battery optimizations. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to see if there’s a new update available.
  • Monitor battery usage.
    • View battery usage by going to Settings > Battery. By looking at the “Last 10 Days,” users can assess any applications that have been sucking up battery. They can then decide whether to remove the app or limit its access to certain functions to extend battery life.
  • Charge the iPhone sensibly.
    • While it’s convenient to charge the iPhone with superfast chargers, it’s not healthy for the battery to do this every night. Consider switching to a low-power 5w charger for overnight and lengthy charging sessions.
  • Make use of Low Power mode.
    • Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode to enable this feature. It can greatly extend battery life by temporarily reducing background activity like downloads and mail fetch until users can fully charge the iPhone.

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