iOS 14.5 Release Date for Public | When can I download the iPhone update?

While developers are happily tapping away with the iOS 14.5 Beta, “normal” users are still stuck on the previous version. With interesting features like the face mask fix, it’s understandable why people would be eager to get their hands on the new patch. Here’s when the iOS 14.5 release date for public is expected to drop.

When is the iOS 14.5 release date for public users?

iOS 14.5 Release Date for Public

The iOS 14.5 release date for public users is estimated to be around March 14, 2021.

As this will be a Sunday, it’s possible Apple will schedule the rollout for the week that follows. Or it may be earlier.

This estimate is based on how long the iOS 14.4 update was in beta. It remained in beta testing stages for 41 days in total. Of course, this is only a best guess as Apple has yet to officially confirm any roadmap for new iPhone and iPad updates. We’ll be sure to update this post once the official announcement has been made.

It’s possible that iOS 14.5 will release earlier than expected, especially considering the game-changing Face ID fix which lets users open their phone while wearing a face mask.

In addition to the Face ID tweak, the new iPhone and iPad update will also overhaul the Podcasts app user interface, add support for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S controllers, make it easier to interact with Siri through typing, and more.

Here’s hoping users only have to wait, at most, the predicted 40-odd days to get their hands on the update. For the impatient ones, there’s always the beta that can be accessed through a developer account, though it can be unstable and risky.

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