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Valheim Blast Furnace | How to unlock and craft

Valheim might look simple, but there are tons of components to gather and craft into helpful items. In order to turn Black Metal Scrap into Black Metal Bars and make better gear, for example, players first need to unlock and build the Blast Furnace. So, here’s how to get the Valheim Blast Furnace on PC.

How do you get the Blast Furnace in Valheim?

Iron Gate’s Norse Viking survival game, Valheim, can be tough to get to grips with. These beginner’s tips and tricks can help during the early stages, but even later in the game players still encounter new mechanics. Amongst other things, these include furnaces and smelting.

How to get the Blast Furnace in Valheim

  1. Defeat the fourth boss, Moder, and collect the Dragon Tear.
  2. Use the Dragon Tear to craft the Artisans Table.
  3. Gather the following resources:
    • 20 Stone
    • 5 Surtling Cores
    • 10 Iron
    • 20 Fine Wood
  4. Return to the Artisans Table.
  5. Use the resources to craft the Blast Furnace.

With the Blast Furnace complete, Valheim players can use it to smelt Black Metal Scrap into Black Metal Bars. Acquiring Black Metal Bars allows users to craft high-level shields and armor. Greater challenges lie ahead, so crafting these items to increase player defense comes with a high recommendation.

Players can gather Black Metal Scrap by defeating Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, and Fuling Shamen in Valheim’s Plains biome. A Blast Furnace can then smelt the Black Metal Scrap into Black Metal Bars, which feature in certain crafting recipes.

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