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Valheim | How to plant trees

Valheim is full of resources that will help you survive the realm’s many perils. Chief among these resources is wood, which is used to build shelter as well as crafting stations. However, it’s possible to plant trees in order to secure a steady apply of rarer materials, such as Core Wood or Fine Wood. Here’s how to plant trees in Valheim and which tools you’ll need to start farming crops.

How to plant trees in Valheim

How to plant trees in Valheim

You can plant trees in Valheim by making use of the Cultivator. This item tills the land, allowing you to grow trees and other crops. However, farming only becomes available after unlocking the Cultivator, meaning you’ll need to craft bronze before you can start planting trees.

While it isn’t the quickest way of earning food, farming is a great way to keep valuable crops nearby. Not all crops can be grown, of course — only seeds can be planted in the ground, and most resources don’t drop seeds. Still, once you’ve got some seeds on hand, you’re almost ready start planting crops.

How to get the Cultivator

Valheim plant trees - How to craft Cultivator

No matter how ambitious you are, you won’t be able to start farming immediately. Before you can grow crops, you need to craft the Cultivator. Crafting this item requires five bronze as well as five core wood. It should go without saying, but you’ll need to get a pickaxe before you can start mining ore. After that, bronze can be crafted by combining both copper ore and tin ore, while core wood can be gathered by chopping down pine trees in the Black Forest biome.

Once you have a Cultivator, the rest is simple. You can use it to till the earth to prepare it for crops. It basically works just like the Hoe, except it doesn’t change the ground elevation. Once tilled, right-click to open the Cultivator menu, then choose the seed you wish to plant. Trees can be grown from Beach Seeds, Pine Cones, Fir Cones, and Ancient Seeds. Trees require more open space than carrots or turnips, so be sure to plan your farm accordingly.

Beyond growing trees, the Cultivator is also a great way to grow carrots, a favorite of boars. And a steady supply of carrots is a great way to tame wild boars, which provides a consistent source of both meat and leather scraps.

The Cultivator is what you need to plant trees and grow crops in Valheim. This tool makes it easy to prepare the ground and start sowing seeds. However, you’ll need to craft bronze and find some core wood before you can make the Cultivator required to begin farming. If you’re not quite ready to start smelting yet, have a look over our Valheim beginner’s guide. Keen explorers can also read more about how to get a fishing rod and start catching fish.