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Valheim Stop Freezing | How to survive Mountain biome

Once players reach the Valheim Mountains biome, things really start to get challenging. The bitterly cold, highly vertical environment makes it particularly hard for players to survive and navigate the snowy area. Users need to learn how to stop freezing in the Valheim Mountain biome ASAP. So, here’s how to craft Frost Resistance Mead, the Wolf Armor Chest and Fur Cape, plus the Lox Cape to stay warm and prevent taking frost damage.

How to survive the Mountains biome in Valheim

Valheim stop freezing

There are several Valheim Mountain biome tips and tricks to help with surviving the freezing wilderness. One factor that most players don’t consider is a nifty way to conserve stamina and spend less time clambering up steep mountainsides. By setting out with lots of wood, users can build stairs to quickly and easily ascend the Mountains biome in Valheim. The less time spent climbing in the cold, the easier it is to stop freezing to death.

To resist the cold and prevent freezing in Valheim, players need to boost their frost resistance stat. Crafting and consuming Frost Resistance Mead will do so temporarily, though frost resistance equipment provides a sustained effect. The Wolf Armor Chest, Wolf Fur Cape, and Lox Cape armor items are all great options.

Valheim | How to craft Frost Resistance Mead

  1. Gather the Frost Resistance Mead crafting ingredients:
    • 10x Honey
    • 5x Thistle
    • 2x Bloodbag
    • 1x Greydwarf Eye
  2. Add the ingredients to a cauldron over a fire.
  3. Add the Mead Base: Frost Resistance to a Fermenter for two in-game days.
  4. Retrieve the finished Frost Resistance Mead.

Using the Frost Resistance Mead in Valheim gives players 10 minutes of frost resistance to help stop freezing in the Mountains biome.

Ultimately, however, the use of Frost Resistance Mead is a costly and inefficient way to stop freezing. Crafting and equipping some Valheim frost resistance armor should be the main Mountains biome goal.

Valheim | How to craft the Lox Cape

  1. Collect the Lox Cape crafting ingredients:
    • 6x Lox Pelt
    • 2x Silver
  2. Take the ingredients to an upgraded Workbench and craft the Lox Cape.

The Valheim Lox Cape has built-in frost resistance. It’s the cheapest craftable protective equipment to permanently help stop freezing in the Mountain biome.

Valheim | How to craft the Wolf Fur Cape

  1. Find the Wolf Fur Cape crafting ingredients:
    • 6x Wolf Pelt
    • 4x Silver
    • 1x Wolf Trophy
  2. Using an upgraded Workbench, craft the Wolf Fur Cape.

Valheim’s Wolf Fur Cape provides the same frost resistance as the Lox Cape, though grants players more armor when upgraded. It requires extra ingredients to craft, including twice the Silver, which must be mined from veins beneath the snow using the Wishbone.

To get the Wolf Trophy in Valheim, players must kill wolves until one appears as a random drop. The drop rate is 15%, so, with a bit of luck, farming one shouldn’t take too long.

Valheim | How to craft the Wolf Armor Chest

  1. Get the Wolf Armor Chest crafting ingredients:
    • 5x Wolf Pelt
    • 20x Silver
    • 1x Chain
  2. Navigate to an upgraded Workbench, then craft the Wolf Armor Chest clothing item.

Getting the Valheim Wolf Armor Chest equipment is the longest route to boosting frost resistance. That said, it looks cool and matches the Wolf Fur Cape, so fashion-conscious players may wish to devote the extra time to get it.

Players can find the Chain crafting component in chests and as an item dropped by defeated Wraiths.

Valheim | How to stop freezing when wet

Users must combine two sources of frost resistance to stop freezing in the Mountain biome, should the player character get wet. For example, while wearing the Lox Cape, simultaneously equipping the Wolf Armor Chest or using a Frost Resistance Mead will negate all freezing damage.

With these tips and tricks, frost damage shouldn’t be an issue in the Valheim Mountains biome. This doesn’t mean that players are safe, however. Check out how to parry attacks and repair tools in order to enter every battle fully prepared.

Alternatively, there are also a variety of console commands to help make the game easier.