How to fix TikTok ‘Couldn’t load. Tap to try again’ error

The TikTok couldn’t load issue is causing headaches for users in 2021. After launching the iOS and Android app, some users are seeing the TikTok “Couldn’t load. Tap to try again” error message. Whether on iPhone or an Android device, it can stop people from posting and watching TikToks. That’s super annoying, especially for anyone that misses the best time to post. Thankfully, however, there’s a quick and easy fix.

What is the TikTok ‘Couldn’t load. Tap to try again’ error fix?

TikTok couldn't load

Booting up the TikTok application only to find that it could not load can be borderline infuriating. There’s the convenience factor to consider, of course,  but TikTok is also a business for some users. Others want to become influencers, though not being able to access the app doesn’t help to achieve that goal. In some scenarios, it could even damage ratios and prompt people to unfollow. It’s really fortunate that there’s a simple solution, then!

TikTok ‘Couldn’t load. Tap to try again’ error fix

  1. Tap the screen to attempt a reload.
  2. If that doesn’t work, close the TikTok application.
  3. Re-open the TikTok app.

Fixing a TikTok app that won’t load should be that simple. In the event that it still doesn’t work, however, reboot the smartphone and try again. Failing that, delete and re-download the TikTiok Android or iOS application.

If the “Couldn’t load. Tap to try again” error persists, check TikTok Support for any known issues. If there are no listed problems, try using a different Wi-Fi network or switching to a data connection. That should get TikTok to load after all the other steps have been exhausted.

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