Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff iPhone Cheats


Tips and Tricks

  • All the features and characters will be available as you play, so focus on what you can do and the rest follows through the game.
  • Every time that you complete an action with a character, you will increase their individual experience level, as well as earn coins and overall experience points.
  • The fastest way to level up characters is to have them complete joint tasks with other characters.
  • Get rid of the roads to make even more space for buildings. Tap the roads “+ -” sign at the top of the rearranging screen in order to either build or destroy roads, for free.
  • The only blocks worth clearing are the ones you are specifically instructed to eliminate.
  • Don't bother moving a building from its default location once you decide to install it. The game typically positions it in an ideal location.

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  • Complete quests as quickly as possible to unlock all of the characters.
  • The fastest way to earn coins is by doing the short term actions over and over for your characters, such as having Peter surf the bird or Chris find a new friends (which take a minute apiece) over and over. It’s tedious but it works. However, when you’re going to sleep or taking a long break from the game, set all of your characters to have long term tasks, such as Peter dancing the Shipoopi.
  • Clams and coins make up the major currency items you'll need in order to rebuild your quaint little town of Quahog. Coins are pretty easy to acquire, but clams are the harder of the two to come across on a regular basis.
  • Clams can be claimed through several different methods: connecting the game to your Facebook account, inviting five of your Facebook buddies to play the game, finishing off character quests (premium quests gift you with more clams), spending real world cash, help finish off the building process in your friends' Quahog's and successfully finishing off any quests that are represented by a white present box with a red bow on it.

Easter Egg: American Dad

If you tap Peter ten times, he'll make a reference to another Fox cartoon, American Dad.

District List

  • Asiantown
  • Civic Center
  • Clam Quarter
  • Downtown
  • Entertainment District
  • Fine Arts District
  • Pawtucket Brewery
  • Pirate's Cove
  • School District
  • Shopping Center
  • Spooner Street

Premium Decorations

  • Brian's Billboard
  • Crippletron
  • Daggermouth's Cave
  • Gigantic Beanstalk
  • Golden Peter Statue
  • Hindenpeter
  • Jolly Roger
  • Open Flame Garden
  • Palm Tree
  • Pawtucket Ale Truck
  • Peter's Pirate Car
  • Peterang
  • Petercopter
  • Quagmire's Plane
  • Short Golden Column
  • Short Marble Column
  • Spotlights
  • Stewie Flower
  • Stewie's Billboard
  • Tall Golden Column
  • Tall Marble Column
  • The Wanna-Bang-Oh