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Valheim | How to get Megingjord to increase carry capacity

Valheim is full of items to help you survive, but carrying them all around can be a chore. This is especially true when it come to metal, which can’t be carried through a portal. Fortunately, there is a way to carry more weight, and it comes from an item called Megingjord. This accessory will increase your carry capacity by 150, a vast boost to the maximum weight limit. However, you’ll have to put in some work before you can get Megingjord for yourself.

Valheim Increase Carry Capacity | How to get Megingjord

Valheim Increase Carry Capacity - How to get Megingjord

If you want to get Megingjord in Valheim, you’ll first need to find the traveling merchant Haldor. Assuming you can find him, you can visit Haldor’s shop to buy Megingjord for 950 gold coins. Once equipped, it will increase your maximum weight carrying capacity by 150 points.

While that sounds simple enough, the process is actually quite complicated. Haldor is hidden somewhere in the Black Forest biome, and since the game’s world is procedurally generated, there’s no way of knowing just where he is. However, he will appear on the map with a special marker if you pass nearby. Thus, the easiest way to find him is to circle around the shores of the Black Forest. If Haldor doesn’t appear, you either need to cross through the biome’s midsection or move to another Black Forest biome entirely.

Valheim Megingjord - Find merchant Haldor location

Thankfully, once you’ve found him, the rest is a breeze. Megingjord is available for purchase in the store for 950 gold coins. If you don’t have enough money, you can sell your jewels (amber, rubies, pearls, and so on) to make some quick cash. You’ll need the extra money, too, since Haldor’s shop also carries Ymir Flesh, a vital crafting component used in some of the best weapons in Valheim. He also sells the fishing rod and bait required to catch fish.

Once Megingjord is equipped, a message will flash on screen saying you feel stronger. As long as it’s equipped, your maximum carry capacity will be increased to 450. That’s a 50 percent increase over the default maximum carry weight of 300. Plus, you don’t have to remove your helmet to equip Megingjord, leaving all of your armor and defense bonuses intact.

Still, the only way to get Megingjord in Valheim is to visit the merchant Haldor. He’s hiding somewhere in the Black Forest, so you’d better get to searching. Otherwise, keep hoarding gold and jewels, waiting for the day when you can increase your maximum carry capacity.