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Valheim Raids | How to trigger and are they random?

Norse survival game Valheim has a lot of complex mechanics, many of which don’t come with an in-game tutorial. Valheim raids are a prime example, and with players’ bases at risk, users want to know exactly how they work. So, here’s how to trigger (or avoid triggering) random raiding parties on PC.

What causes Valheim raids to start?

Valheim raids

Valheim raids are events where a group of enemy A.I. assaults a player’s base of operations, seemingly at random. The raiding party is able to destroy structures, which can make the Valheim raids particularly devastating for unprepared users.

Valheim raids occur when players are close to their home base. They happen randomly, though it is possible to reduce the chance of a raid party spawning by spending less time in proximity to the homestead. To help stop raids in Valheim, never linger anywhere close to the player character’s bed.

If players trigger a raid, some text will appear at the top center of the screen (for example, “The Forest is Moving”) and a red circle will also show up on the map. Promptly return to the base, indicated by the red circle, in order to defend it from attacking enemies.

To win a raid, either eliminate all members of the raiding party or survive until they give up. Since they can break crafted structures, heading inside and simply waiting for the raid to end generally won’t conclude well. Be careful!

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