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Is boosting safe in Valorant?

Valorant is a hardcore FPS, so many players are looking to secure any advantage they can get. As a result, many turn to boosting — be it the act of XP boosting to level/rank up fast, or simply giving teammates a boost to help them gain better sightlines. But, is boosting safe in Valorant? Find out if either practice is a bannable offense in Riot Games’ popular shooter.

Is Valorant XP boosting to rank up safe?

Valorant XP rank boosting

There are a number of premium Valorant boosting services that players can use to easily earn experience and rank up. Is buying a Vlalorant booster worth the money, though? Or is it a risky investment that could backfire?

XP boosting to rank up fast in Valorant is not safe. It’s against the rules and could result in Riot Games placing a ban on the offending user account(s). Additionally, not all premium boosting services can be trusted. Some are scams that take payment without ever providing the advertised service.

Is Valorant teammate boosting to reach high places safe?

Valorant teamate boosting

Yes, climbing on a teammate to reach high places in Valorant is safe. Valorant teammate boosting is a strategic maneuver that can allow players to gain better map sightlines and get the drop on their enemies.

The process can be a little tricky and take some time to execute properly, however. As such, Valorant players do risk dying to enemies while focused on boosting up teammates.

How to teammate boost in Valorant

  1. Assign one player the role of the booster, and another the role of the boostee.
  2. Have the boostee jam themselves into a corner, looking straight ahead at the platform they intend to reach.
  3. The booster must jam themselves into the makeshift corner created by the platform and the boostee, also looking straight ahead.
  4. Booster holds the following keys:
    • Crouch key
    • W key
    • A key, if boostee is to the left
    • D key, if boostee is to the right
  5. Finally, boostee does the following:
    • Hold the W key
    • Press jump, then immediately crouch

If done correctly, the boostee will reach the high platform with the help of the booster. Check out Shenslash’s helpful Reddit thread to see a video of the method in action.

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