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Valheim | Do dungeons reset?

Surviving in Valheim can be tough. The key to staying alive is often to craft new items with available resources, and the best way to gather crafting components is by delving into dungeons. But, do dungeons reset in Valheim? It’d certainly make the process of farming items quick and easy. Here’s the lowdown on dungeon reset times in the new Viking survival game.

Do Valheim dungeons reset?

valheim dungeons reset

Exploring dungeons is highly enjoyable, but it’s also one of the most lucrative activities in Valheim. Running dungeons as if the game was an MMORPG sounds like a fast track to success, though is it actually possible?

Although enemies and some foodstuffs respawn, dungeons in Valheim do not reset. In the absence of a dungeon reset timer, no matter how long players wait, they can not run the same dungeon multiple times to receive rewards.

Valheim is currently a Steam Early Access product. As such, the developers at Iron Gate could choose to implement respawning dungeons and crypts in a future game update. There’s no mention of it in the 2021 Valheim content roadmap, however.

While it might sound frustrating, Valheim is a huge world that’s home to plenty of unique dungeons. Players can uncover new dungeons by venturing further afield, each containing high-tier rewards to claim — if only once.

If it were possible to simply farm the same dungeon over and over in order to gather resources and challenge the area boss, ultimately, the game would be much less fun. Although it would be an optional choice, many gamers aren’t averse to optimizing the enjoyment out of experiences. This is something that developers are aware of.

Mixing things up usually helps to inject more fun, which is where Valheim mods can come into play. There’s a first-person mode that changes the feel of the game completely. If that seems a little bit drastic, then the Valheim Plus modification simply serves to polish the mechanics that are already present.