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Call of Duty | Why is it kicking players out?

Call of Duty is kicking players out and folks are not happy. Across Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare, players are being booted out of a match and back to the lobby menu. It’s especially annoying when grouping up with friends, as the game doesn’t keep all players together. Here’s the answer to “Why does Call of Duty keep kicking me out?”

Why does Call of Duty keep kicking me out?

Why does Call of Duty keep kicking me out

Call of Duty: Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare can all kick players out for these reasons:

  • Lost connection.
    • Check to make sure your internet connection is stable enough for multiplayer gaming.
    • Any hiccup or disconnect on the user’s end can cause them to get kicked out.
    • Check people in your household aren’t hogging the internet bandwidth. CoD needs both download and upload to work properly.
  • Game bug.
    • Players can also be kicked out of matches because of glitches and bugs. In our experience, certain game types like Gunfight can force a player back out to the main menu after each match.
    • Sometimes errors happen once and never again. Try loading back into Call of Duty and playing another match.
  • System error.
    • Check to make sure your console or PC is in a well-ventilated error. All Call of Duty games are demanding on hardware, meaning lots of heat that needs to escape.
    • If playing on PC, ensure any unnecessary background apps are closed to avoid any conflict.
    • PC players should also ensure that the latest Nvidia or AMD graphics card driver is installed.

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War players looking forward to the new Season of content will want to ensure they have installed the new update. It’s available right now, so get it downloaded!

Call of Duty kicking players out isn’t the only issue that users have been putting up with. A Warzone invisibility glitch was ruining matches and leading to some ridiculous, frustrating ending circles.

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