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Valheim Vulkan API | How to enable, what it is, and purpose

Valheim update 0.146.8 just landed, bringing several big improvements to the popular survival game. Perhaps most notably, added Vulkan support means that many players can now enjoy an improved gameplay experience. Here’s how to enable Valheim Vulkan API and the associated benefits.

Valheim | What is Vulkan API?

Valheim Vulkan API integration is getting a lot of players excited, but why?

Vulkan API is an application programming interface, like the more familiar DirectX 11. As a newer API with more modern features, enabling Valheim Vulkan support allows users to reap various potential benefits. Playing Valheim with Vulkan turned on can improve the graphical performance, plus help to reduce the CPU and GPU costs of running the game.

Developer Iron Gate’s Valheim update 0.146.8 patch notes confirm that these benefits may even “fix some random crashes related to GPU drivers.”

How to play Valheim using Vulkan API

To play Valheim using Vulkan API, Windows users can add “-force-vulkan” as a launch option in the Valheim Steam properties.

Currently, there is no official way to get Valheim Vulkan running on Linux. Support is likely to come in the future, however.

The hands-on user approach to switching Valheim API is just in place “for now,” according to the devs. Of course, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a finished product and things will become more streamlined as version 1.0 approaches completion.

If swapping Valheim API to Vulkan doesn’t fix some of the technical issues, then GameRevolution might be able to help. Get the lowdown on fixing stutter and lag, along with crashing and freezes. Switching to the best PC settings may also get the game running more smoothly.

Vulkan API integration is a great step forward, although, not all Valheim improvements come straight from the developer. The Valheim Plus mod features multiple quality of life improvements, and there’s even a first-person mode modification.