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Valheim Stutter and Lag Fix for PC

Knowing how to stop the stutter and lag in Valheim is key to having a good time with this Steam Early Access PC game. Though it is in early access and so will no doubt be receiving further optimization tweaks, users still need to get a smooth-enough frame-rate to actually play and enjoy this new survival game. Here are some tips on fixing Valheim stutter and lag.

How to stop stutter and lag in Valheim

Valheim Stutter and Lag Fix

To fix stutter and lag in Valheim on PC, do the following:

  • Check that the latest Nvidia or AMD graphics card driver is installed.
    • While new drivers aren’t likely to target Valheim directly, the general stability improvements could help with running the game.
  • Try running the game in Fullscreen mode.
    • Making sure the game is running in Fullscreen might be less convenient when you want to Alt+Tab, but it’s worth it for better stability.
  • Close unnecessary apps in the background to save resources.
    • While they might not be as demanding as games, apps like Google Chrome can really suck up resources.
  • Lower the graphics options or output resolution.
    • As an early access game, Valheim can be tricky to run. Lower the settings now and increase them when more optimization patches have been rolled out.

As this Steam Early Access game continues to receive developer support, further optimizations should help make the experience smoother across all hardware.

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