How to fix PS5 controller keeps disconnecting and won’t connect, turn on, or sync error

The PS5 controller keeps disconnecting for some next-gen PlayStation 5 owners. There are reports that it won’t connect, turn on, sync, or pair with the console. Sometimes the DualSense lightbar flashes and tries to connect, while at other times the controller light doesn’t turn on at all. Here’s how to fix the PS5 controller not connecting.

PS5 controller won’t connect and keeps disconnecting fix

PS5 DualSense controller keep disconnecting

To fix the PS5 DualSense controller won’t connect error, players should follow these steps:

  1. Reset the PS5 controller.
    • There’s a small hole on the rear of the DualSense controller. Use a paper clip or pen tip to push the button inside the hole for 3-5 seconds.
  2. Pair controller to the PS5.
    • Connect the DualSense controller to the PS5 using the provided USB cable. (An alternate cable with data support will work.)
  3. Once paired, remove the USB cable.
  4. The PS5 DualSense controller should now connect wirelessly.

After following the above steps, the not connecting, turning on, syncing, or pairing issues should be fixed. The DualSense controller will now successfully connect to the PS5 console.

Obviously, users will also want to make sure that the DualSense controller is fully charged. If the controller only works when connected using a USB cable, it could mean there is an issue with the controller’s battery and therefore require a repair. This is a common issue for controllers used over many years, as the battery gets tired from so many charge cycles.

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