Is there a Mewthree in Pokemon?

There’s a Mew and Mewtwo in Pokemon, so why not a Mewthree? Mewthree has existed as a rumor in the Pokemon community since the release of Red and Blue. However, fans are wondering if a real Mewthree ever made it into the Pokemon lore and where to find it if so.

Is there really a Mewthree Pokemon?

Mewthree Pokemon

Image Source: Bulbapedia

A side story in Pokemon Red and Blue involves the origins of Mew and Mewtwo. Players can visit Cinnabar Island and discover how scientists there used the DNA of Mew to create Mewtwo, which later escaped from the lab. Catching Mewtwo served as the endgame for Pokemon Red and Blue, and after it was done, players scoured the game, thirsty for more content.

Shortly after Red and Blue debuted, the rumor mill began swirling. Many players will remember hearing about moving the truck near the SS Anne to find Mew, and the existence of Mewthree began in this way. The internet was full of impossible tasks a player needed to complete to get Mew (which wasn’t possible until the Let’s Go remakes), Mewthree, the PokeGods, etc.

Despite its start in rumors meant to trick fans, Mewthree is mentioned twice throughout the history of the Pokemon franchise. In Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, the scientists mention creating Mewthree after finishing Mewtwo. This obviously didn’t get anywhere since Mewtwo then destroyed the lab.

The only appearance of Mewthree is in the Pokemon Pocket Monsters manga in the Bring Down the Strongest Pokemon!! chapter. During it, Red’s Clefairy receives Mewtwo’s DNA and transforms into a version of it. When it does, it says, “This makes me Mewthree! Clef!!” So, the only version of Mewthree so far isn’t even a new Pokemon.

It’s possible that a real Mewthree could exist at some point, but it’s doubtful. The closest we’d likely get is another creature created from Mew or Mewtwo’s DNA, but it’ll likely be named something less cheesy than Mewthree.