Pokemon Red and Blue Concept Art Shows Classic Pokemon In A Completely Different Light

Over twenty years have passed since the original Pokemon games were released on the Game Boy. However, a new look into the Pokemon Red and Blue concept art shows some of  the most beloved Pokemon in a whole new light.

On a recent Japanese television show (via NintendoLife), early concept art was shown of several Pokemon from the first generation of games. Some look instantly familiar, such as Staryu, Tangela, Ghastly, and Blastoise, while others look completely different. Gyarados, for example, looks like a terrifying worm more than the raging dragon. Scyther also looks completely different, sporting a bigger, dinosaur-like body with its trademark scythes not all that noticeable.

Others have some changes, though not as major. Kangaskhan is sporting different eyes and has larger horns around its body while Lapras has a horn and is missing its ears.

Some sketches were also shown showcasing an early look into the game’s title screen, where in the final version Gengar and Nidorino battle it out. Showing a 1990 copyright, one sketch shows completely different Pokemon duking it out under the game’s original name Capsule Monsters.

This isn’t the first time this year we’ve gotten an early look at a Pokemon title. Back in May, an anonymous user dumped what ended up being a demo of Pokemon Gold and Silver from Nintendo’s Spaceworld 1997 event.

Aside from some of the second generation Pokemon looking completely different (the fire and water starters being the most noticeable) it also featured Pokemon never seen before, such as pre-evolutions and evolutions of Pokemon like Meowth and Duodo. There are also some evolutions that were included in later generations, such as Leafeon and Mime Jr.

The most recent Pokemon title to come out is Pokemon Lets Go: Pikachu and Eevee, which are remakes of the first Pokemon game. A new entry in the series is slated for release on the Switch next year.