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Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen | Stuck loading fix

Some Apex Legends players are encountering an infinite loading screen bug following the launch of Season 8. For whatever reason, the game will get stuck loading the title screen, making it impossible to get into multiplayer matches. Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can use to fix the Apex Legends infinite loading screen glitch, though it’s possible the problem itself may be server-side.

Apex Legends Stuck on Infinite Loading Screen Fix

Apex Legends Stuck on Infinite Loading Screen Fix

The infinite loading screen bug in Apex Legends seems to be a server-side account permission issue following the release of Season 8. According to player reports, it’s possible to get past a stuck loading screen by switching accounts or creating a new account altogether. In some cases, it may be possible to fix the problem by removing certain USB peripherals.

PC players should remove USB devices

In terms of simplicity, it’s worth trying out the USB fix first. Dozens of players across the Apex Legends subreddit and the EA Forums have reported that USB devices prevent the game from loading past the title screen. This EA Forums thread from November has five pages worth of comments from players who were able to get past the infinite loading screen by removing USB devices, USB storage devices in particular. If your game is stuck loading and you’ve got a USB thumb drive or external hard drive connected, try removing it to see what happens. If Apex Legends is outright crashing, we’ve got ideas on how to fix that too.

Of course, this particular bug only seems to affect PC players. Those on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch appear to have no trouble with USB devices. Either way, it’s worth a shot just in case it miraculously works.

The Season 8 infinite loading bug could be server-side

Unfortunately, threads and suggestions about USB device incompatibility are a few months old by now. And, following the launch of Season 8 on February 2, the Apex Legends player base has seen a resurgence of infinite loading screen bug reports. Many players who have encountered the bug recently say that removing USB devices no longer fixes the problem. Instead, the only way they’ve found to get around the issue is to play under an alternate account.

Given all the evidence, it’s possible that the Season 8 stuck loading bug is a server-side problem. In other words, there’s something wrong with the game’s code that’s preventing the software from loading past the title screen. You can try playing under a new account as a temporary fix; several players claim the problem is tied to account permissions. Still, looking long-term, the developers at Respawn Entertainment will have to sort this issue out themselves.

If Apex Legends is stuck at an infinite loading screen, try removing any unnecessary USB devices. It’s a weird fix, but it just might work. Otherwise, you may be encountering a more troublesome stuck loading bug that surfaced with Season 8. If so, your only hope is to wait for Respawn to fix the problem.