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Are Among Us servers shutting down permanently? | Is the CNN tweet fake?

A rumor that the Among Us servers are shutting down permanently has been making its rounds. It got its start with a screenshot of a CNN tweet claiming the creator of Among Us is shutting down the game’s servers due to being annoyed at its fanbase. Fans want to know, will the Among Us servers go down, or is this rumor a lie?

Will Among Us shut down in 2021?

Among Us Shutting Down CNN fake tweet

The screenshot that sharted the rumor that Among Us would shut down portrays a tweet that’s allegedly from CNN. The tweet says:

“Among Us servers shutting down permanently tomorrow after creator gets annoyed at all of the “nauseatingly unfunny” memes circulating around the internet.”

Of course, the screenshot is cut off above the date, so there’s no way to cross-reference it with CNN’s Twitter. However, we can say it’s a fake with 100% accuracy. A quick Google search shows that CNN hasn’t ever tweeted about Among Us. Also, there’s no link to an article in the text, and CNN doesn’t just tweet out whatever with no article or sources to back it up.

Although the game was first released over two years ago, Among Us skyrocketed in popularity in the last six months. Even though the hype around the game has cooled, it still maintains a large audience, and the devs are planning to release a new map soon. There’s no way that the devs would shut down the game after working on it for two years.

These shut-down rumors start around every popular game. It’s an easy way for trolls to get a rise out of people. If there’s no official announcement, there’s no reason to believe any claim that a game is shutting down. If Among Us servers were going offline permanently, there would be a lot more than a screenshot of a badly faked tweet announcing it.