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How to fix Overwatch LC-202 error

The console versions of Overwatch all play host to the annoying LC 202 error code. The problem most commonly occurs on PS4 and PS5, but, in addition to PlayStation platforms, it can also affect Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Switch Lite users. So, is there a fast and easy Overwatch LC-202 fix? Here’s the lowdown for those encountering this error code and the accompanying “disconnected, lost connection to game server” message.

What is the Overwatch LC-202 error fix? (2021)

Overwatch LC-202

As with most Overwatch server error notifications, there are several potential LC-202 causes and solutions. Whatever the problem, the troubleshooting steps laid out below should help to fix Overwatch error LC-202 on consoles.

Overwatch LC-202 fix

  1. Check @BlizzardCS for any known server issues.
  2. Close the Overwatch application, then reboot the console.
  3. Reboot the internet router or modem.
  4. No dice? If possible, try connecting via a different internet network.
  5. Check that firewall and/or port forwarding issues aren’t causing the problem.
    • For help on Overwatch network configuration, click here.
  6. Disconnect the PSN, Xbox Live, or Nintendo Account from the associated Blizzard account.
    • Via, login to the Blizzard account.
    • Navigate to the “Account Settings” menu, then unlink the two profiles.
    • Once unlinked, reconnect the console and Blizzard accounts.
  7. If it still doesn’t work, wait for a few hours before launching the game again.
  8. No luck? Consider contacting Blizzard Customer Support.

After exhausting all of the Overwatch LC-202 error troubleshooting steps, the game should be fully playable online. With the server disconnection issue fixed, Overwatch should now run fine on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Switch Lite.

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