Origin Error Code 106133 Upstream service unavailable fix

PC players who rely on Origin may occasionally be told that the upstream service is unavailable. When this happens, the client software will typically display error code 106133. While uncommon, this error does appear with a certain regularity, leading players to wonder how to fix code 106133. As it turns out, the solution is about as simple as it gets.

Upstream Service Unavailable | Origin Error 106133

Upstream Service Unavailable - Origin Error 106133 fix

According to the EA Support team, Origin error code 106133 appears in games shared with Steam while Steam is undergoing maintenance. It’s a network issue not caused by client hardware, though you can fix the problem temporarily by using Steam’s Offline Mode. Otherwise, you simply need to wait for Steam maintenance to finish.

As far as error pop-ups go, code 106133 seems more alarming than it really is. The window usually has a string of what looks like code, displaying the following text:

{“error”:”UPSTREAM_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE”,”error_description”: “UPSTREAM SERVICE UNAVAILABLE”,”code”:106133}

Fortunately in the case of code 106133, this is one of the few errors to be directly addressed on the EA Answers forums. According to early user reports, the code appeared when attempting to start EA games shared by both Origin and Steam. It didn’t appear to be an Origin server issue, as the client will usually say Origin servers temporarily unavailable when EA’s servers go down. So far, affected games include (but haven’t been limited to) FIFA 21, Mass Effect Andromeda, The Sims 4, and Battlefield 5.

Since the problem had been linked to Steam network maintenance, EA Forum user Xrisoth suggested running Steam in Offline Mode. Afterward, several users chimed in to report that running Steam in Offline Mode fixed the issue.

Eventually, community manager EA_Mako confirmed that Origin error code 106133 “primarily [coincides] with Steam maintenance, and seems to clear up shortly after [maintenance] concludes.” As such, the simplest way to fix code 106133 is to wait for Steam to finish its routine maintenance.

Origin error code 106133 is a minor but reoccurring issue affecting games shared by Origin and Steam. The error will fix itself once Steam maintenance is over. Still, if you need to play your game right now, you can always try running Steam in Offline Mode.