What is Xbox All Access?: Price and comparison

Purchasing a new Xbox console can be costly, especially if you consider the price of Xbox Live, Game Pass, EA Play, and other subscriptions. Thankfully, players can get a solid discount by purchasing one of three Xbox All Access bundles. However, All Access pricing and hardware comparisons can be daunting to prospective buyers. To help sort out the differences, this guide will explain what Xbox All Access is, what it includes, how much it costs, and which bundle is the best value.

What is Xbox All Access?

What is Xbox All Access?

Xbox All Access is a financing plan that allows players to purchase an Xbox console with added Game Pass benefits for a monthly fee.

Instead of having to buy the console and Game Pass separately, All Access bundles one of three different Xbox consoles together with a two-year Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Best of all, Xbox All Access has no upfront cost. Instead of a single lump sum, players only have to pay a set price every month for 24 months.

This financing system works a bit like layaway, breaking the total purchase price down into smaller payments. However, unlike layaway, you won’t have to wait until the full price is paid before you can start playing games.

What does Xbox All Access include?

What does Xbox All Access include?

Xbox All Access includes either the Xbox Series X, the Series S, or the Xbox One S alongside a 24-month subscription to Game Pass Ultimate.

The Series X is Microsoft’s most powerful video game console to date, offering 4K visuals at 60 frames per second and an integrated 4K UHD Blu-ray disc drive. The Series S, on the other hand, is its smaller, digital-only sibling, offering up to 1440p visuals but lacking a physical disc drive. Finally, the One S is the latest variant of the last-generation Xbox One.

For a more detailed look at individual system specs, check out our comparison of the Xbox Series X vs Series S.

As for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, this service bundles together a number of different benefits, including:

  • Xbox Live Gold membership, which unlocks online play and offers instant access to a library of over 100 games
  • EA Play membership, granting access to dozens of Electronic Arts games
  • Day-one releases for Xbox Game Studios games like Halo Infinite
  • The ability to share and play Xbox games on a Windows 10 PC or Android mobile device
  • Exclusive member discounts on games
  • A variety of free perks such as DLC and deals from sponsors

How much does Xbox All Access cost?

How much does Xbox All Access cost?

There are currently three different Xbox All Access plans:

  • The Xbox Series X bundle costs $34.99 per month
  • The Xbox Series S bundle costs $24.99 per month
  • The Xbox One S bundle costs $22.99 per month

All three bundles include the console as well as a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. However, the Xbox One S bundle also includes an 18-month console upgrade option. This allows players to upgrade to the Series X if they choose, though they will have to return the One S console and pay a $20 upgrade fee in addition to the change in monthly fees.

Is Xbox All Access worth it?

Is Xbox All Access worth it?

Yes, Xbox All Access is worth the price. Not only do you get an Xbox console and immediate access to Game Pass games, you’ll also get a discount on subscription fees.

Here are the basic numbers. Note that the following prices do not include sales tax:

  • The Xbox Series X costs $499.99
  • The Xbox Series X costs $399.99
  • The Xbox One S costs $299.99
  • Game Pass Ultimate costs $359.76 for 24 months ($14.99 per month)

When purchased separately, an Xbox Series X with 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate would cost you $859.75. That number goes down to $759.75 for the Series S and $659.75 for the One S.

Now let’s look at the total cost of the consoles and subscriptions through All Access. Note that these prices represent the grand total over 24 months:

  • The Series X All Access Pass costs $839.76
  • The Series S All Access Pass costs $599.76
  • The One S All Access Pass costs $551.76

For the Series X bundle, All Access saves you $20 over the price of purchasing everything separately. It’s not much, but it’s still a discount. However, the Series S All Access bundle saves a whopping $159.99, while the One S bundle saves a total of $107.99. To learn more about the specifics, check out our guide explaining how Xbox All Access Pass payment plans work.

Which Xbox All Access bundle is best?

Which Xbox All Access bundle is best?

Dollar-for-dollar, the best Xbox All Access bundle is the Xbox Series S bundle. It provides the biggest discount when compared to individual pricing, plus it allows you to play all of the latest current-generation games.

The Series X bundle comes in at a close second. The main difference is that the Series X is significantly more powerful than the Series S, plus it has a built-in disc drive. It’s the best of what Xbox has to offer, and you still get a nice 20 dollar discount.

Naturally, the One S bundle comes in third. It’s still a discount, but the total cost over 24 months only about $50 lower than the Series S bundle. For around $600 total, you may as well step up to the current-generation Series S.