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Monster Hunter Rise Well-Done Steak: How to get for Fugen

Early on in Monster Hunter Rise, players will need to get a Well-Done Steak for Elder Fugen. This errand is one of many fetch quests that hunters will have the option of completing. Fugen is using this task as a training exercise, to get the player used to fulfilling the demands of villagers. Unfortunately, locating a Well-Done Steak can be tricky for those who don’t know how to cook. Here’s how to get one.

How to get Well-Done Steak in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Well-Done Steak

To get a Well-Done Steak in Monster Hunter Rise players need to combine the BBQ Spit with Raw Meat.

How to cook Raw Meat into Well-Done Steak

  1. Go on a hunt.
  2. Choose the BBQ Spit from the Action Bar found in the bottom-right of the screen.
  3. Push “A” to stop cooking. Leave it a little later than normal to achieve the “Well-Done” steak variant.

Don’t fret if this isn’t achieved on the first attempt. The game gives players plenty of steak at the start of the game, which allows for multiple poor attempts before finally achieving Well-Done.

Once players use the BBQ Spit enough times, it becomes obvious when a steak is cooked properly.

After successfully cooking a Well-Done Steak, head back to the village and talk to Elder Fugen. He will take the steak and award the player with Potions. It’s not a great reward, but an important lesson taught!

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