Box art - Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

You can either tap or hold down on the screen to move and to tap on targets for basic attacks or use a virtual stick on the left side of the screen and an action button on the right to attack.

Your hero’s skills are activated by buttons on the right side of the screen and each active skill has a cooldown timer that lets you know how many seconds it will take until you can use it again.

Adding another character is helpful in fights but keep in mind you can only use this helper once per mission for a limited time.

New characters can be either purchased or earned gradually by collecting Biometrics. Each character takes between 10 and 40 units of Biometrics to summon.

You can rank up your character or his gear. There is four pieces of Gear that can be upgraded to increase damage, defense, critical hit rate and more. Doing so requires both gold and items that you’ll find as drops in missions.

Strive for balance with your team members not just for the likes of them. Cover each one of the four available: combat, blast, speed, and universal.

Play through the Elite missions to earn better rewards, but be ready for some added challenge.