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How to fix Monster Hunter Rise sound glitch and audio bug

Monster Hunter Rise features a grand soundscape to complement its epic battles. Nothing quite kills the mood like the background music cutting in and out during combat, though. What’s more, that isn’t the only Monster Hunter Rise sound glitch. There’s also an audio bug that makes it so players can’t hear the protagonist, palamute, and palico companions. Completing the trifecta, sound effects (SFX) can play at incorrect times and pull players out of the experience. For those affected, here’s the latest on an MH Rise audio glitch fix for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

Monster Hunter Rise sound bug and audio glitch fix

Monster Hunter Rise sound glitch

Sound issues can really pull players out of an experience, and, unfortunately, Monster Hunter Rise has a few of them. Although the game isn’t quite an open world, it does feature detailed sandbox areas that are easy to be absorbed by. But, hearing water sound effects when walking on dry land or adventuring alongside mute companions can quickly break that immersion. Even worse, monster battles can be downright painful when the accompanying combat soundtrack plays in fits and starts.

Here’s the Monster Hunter Rise audio bug solution:

  1. Close MH Rise and then reboot the Nintendo Switch console.
  2. Check the in-game audio levels:
    • Navigate to the “Audio” tab in the options menu.
    • Set all of the audio sliders to 100.
  3. Make sure to select the correct “Sound Output Device” setting.
  4. If playing docked, switch to handheld mode.
  5. Try listening via headphones.

If none of these Monster Hunter Rise sound troubleshooting steps work, waiting on Capcom to issue a patch may be the best course of action. Hopefully, it won’t be long before a free Monster Hunter Rise audio update is available for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite owners to download.

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