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What is the best Monster Hunter Rise beginner and starter weapon?

The best Monster Hunter Rise beginner weapon is going to be highly sought after for newcomers to the game and series. While MHR’s core concept of hunting monsters may seem simple enough, there are a lot of intricacies when it comes to its weaponry. So if you’re just beginning your journey, what is the best starter weapon?

Best starting weapon for beginners in Monster Hunter Rise

monster hunter rise best starter weapon beginners starting

The Sword and Shield is the best starter weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. While you can use any weapon right out of the gate, the Sword and Shield is the easiest weapon to use while offering high mobility, making it the best choice for any beginner that is just starting out.

The Sword and Shield doesn’t require you to manage any gauges, it can pull off quick and easy combos, and also allows you to block incoming attacks while also giving you the ability to KO the monster you’re fighting. On top of all of that, you can use items without having to sheath your weapon, which saves a great deal of time and lets you heal yourself on the fly. It’s the only weapon in the entire game that lets you do that, giving it a major advantage for those who want to stay in the action.

The Sword and Shield’s complete lack of charge time means you can burst into combat at any moment, with you not having to worry too much about messing up a combo and leaving yourself vulnerable to attack. This gives button-mashers a much more straightforward time of things, even if its inability to increase the amount of damage it deals will limit you as you progress through the game.

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